We are committed to helping you reach your child’s goals for spoken language development and want to ensure All Ears! is a good match for your family. Placement will be made based on All Ears! Assessment Team’s recommendation and program availability.

Consideration for admission begins with our Speech-Language Pathologists and a “Learn the LSL Way” Assessment.  This assessment includes:

1. Tour and initial screening regarding your child’s needs, All Ears! services, fees and payment options;

2. All Ears! Assessment Team determines eligibility for LSL-AV therapy (ages birth – elementary school age) and/or LSL classroom instruction (for children 18 months – Kindergarten);

3. Speech-Language Evaluation is scheduled. Evaluation is a pre-requisite to all LSL services:


a. $50 for < 24 months
b. $150 for 24 months and older
c. Due prior to evaluation
d. Check with your insurance company for coverage benefits

4. Program Enrollment/Registration Fee of $100 is assessed if child is enrolled in pre-school classes.


We want to welcome you to the All Ears! Family. Please contact Kim Erbele, Office
Administrator at kim.erbele@allearscenter.org or Lee Rech, Executive Director at
lee.rech@allearscenter.org to schedule an initial screening today.  Don’t wait.