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The All Ears! Listening and Spoken Language (LSL) Team is passionate about guiding and coaching parents to help their children attain their full potentials by reaching optimal spoken language outcomes, lifelong literacy and independence.

We believe that children who are deaf and hard of hearing can learn to listen and speak, and develop alongside their typical hearing peers. Our team is leading the way in achieving early detection, appropriate amplification with hearing aids and/or cochlear implants, and the continued collaboration between Listening and Spoken Language Interventionists and Pediatric Audiologists.

All Ears’ specialized family-focused team guides and coaches parents to become their child’s primary teacher and leader of their LSL team.


Jessica Anne Bolt

Annie and I attend this special playgroup at All Ears! Listening and Language Center. Our little playgroup meets once a week and is led by a Listening & Spoken Language Specialist. I enjoy learning more auditory-verbal strategies to use at home with Annie, and I just love watching Annie play with her new friends, who are all little super HEAR-Oes just like her.

Our entire family also attends Family Night at All Ears! every month. It is so wonderful and such a relief to meet and connect with other families who all know exactly what we are going through. We are so thankful for All Ears! and for all of our new friendships that help make all of the struggles and challenges seem just a little bit easier.

Javana Ambriz

“Were so grateful and blessed to have found you guys. It’s been so great all the supportand love is just amazing. I wouldn’t have been able to get through this without yall!!”

Chanh M. Nguyen MD

“All Ears! Is a family that anyone can join.”

Lydia (All Ears! parent)

“I’m so happy we were able to come to this school though it has been a daily challenge due to traveling expenses. We make it work because our daughters future is worth every penny and then some.”


“Rosie was 3 and only spoke three words, now there is no stopping her she sings and is able to communicate with her hearing peers and family everyone sees the difference and love having conversations with her. I’m so blessed and glad we have found our way to All Ears! this was the best choice for her! I love you All Ears! Family!"

Mychelle LeVan, mother of twins with hearing loss

“You will never meet a more caring group of people!!! Truely blessed and touched deeply by knowing them and being a part of such a network! xoxoxoxo”

Susan Langlois,  author and cochlear implant recipient

“Visited the ALL EARS Listening & Language Center recently and it was one of the most endearing nights ever. Perhaps it was the caring and committed staff and parents who were truly engaged. I noticed lots of ah-ha and oh my moments. Perhaps the best part of the visit were the hugs – so many of them! Authenticity is the distinctive characteristic that marked the entire night. Wonderful.”

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