Parent LSL Program

Parent Advising

A family centered intervention model that provides coordination of audiological, developmental, and educational management for families of children who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH). Parent Advising will provide guidance and coaching to parents and caregivers at any point on their DHH journey.  Advising can start as early as the time of the child’s diagnosis and continue through mainstream education.

Parental Support Group Meeting

Advising promotes the child’s development of cognition, auditory, speech and language skills through every day routines. Parents and caregivers are educated on hearing loss, hearing technology and advocacy through a collaborative team approach with audiologists, auditory-verbal therapists, listening and spoken language (LSL) educators, early intervention specialists, otologists, pediatricians, and other professionals on the child’s care team.

Learn to LSL

Families learn auditory verbal strategies in a weekly family centered group setting led by LSL/Auditory Verbal specialists. Through modeling and coaching, in a play-based setting, parents and caregivers learn to become confident primary language facilitators. Learn to LSL (L2LSL) provides education to support optimal listening, spoken language and literacy development using evidence-based practices in early intervention. Families will have several opportunities to connect, support and empower each other along their LSL journey. 

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