History Of All Ears!

Our mission is to empower families of children who are deaf or hard of hearing, without financial burden, who have chosen listening and spoken language as their child’s communication option by teaching them listening, speaking, and literacy skills in order to promote independence.

All Ears! was founded in 2014 by Shelley Mathay, ToD, LSLS, Cert. AVT who had a career-long dream of teaching pre-school aged children who are deaf, in a typical hearing setting within the family’s local community. The Early Learning Program (ELP) of The Woodlands Community Presbyterian Church welcomed the idea of children with hearing loss, learning alongside ELP’s typical hearing students. Houston’s Be An Angel Foundation and a small group of committed donors provided funding enabling All Ears! to open two mornings a week for six students and AVT clients. Within five years, All Ears!’ enrollment had more than tripled highlighting the need for LSL services within The Woodlands and surrounding communities.

In May, 2022, All Ears! Clinic opened to accommodate the growth in the number of children needing our specialized speech services. Recognizing the critical need for timely, gold standard audiology care for children and adults with hearing loss, All Ears! Clinic expanded to include early diagnosis and treatment for patients of all ages.

Parents enrolling their children at All Ears! have chosen the listening and spoken language approach for their child who is deaf or hard of hearing. They join other enrolled families on their journey toward mainstream education and lifelong independence for their child. All Ears!’ family-centered approach promotes family education and engagement as parents gain confidence in learning they’re the most important members of their child’s team.

Parent Education and Support were started when All Ears! opened and has grown into signature monthly events for families and professionals. A staple of All Ears!’ family-centered approach, these monthly gatherings offer support and education for families, and timely introduction of trends within the field for professionals.