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All Ears! Friends and Families,
Although a short month, February is FULL of happenings!

  • Change to newsletter format to better serve you. Going forward, we’ll cover relevant topics in more depth over a 3 month period. First up, we’ll explore AUDIOLOGY, as the cornerstone of access to sound for the deaf/hard of hearing. Get ready for a deep dive into important educational news and support information.
  • Dani Boyd, SLP, is returning to All Ears! We are thrilled to have her back! Stay tuned for more information from Allison regarding AVT scheduling.
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  • Fall Registration and Summer Camp information is coming SOON. Rosie will be in touch.

I hope you have a wonderful month. If you need anything from me, I’m All Ears!

– Lee

Upcoming Dates


February 16: School wide Valentines Party

February 17: School Closed

February 20: President’s Day School and Clinic Closed

February 24: IPSY Dr. Megan guest speaker


March 4: Hearing For All! World Hearing Day Celebration

March 5 -7: Family Camp

March 8: Breakfast at Truluck’s

March 27: Waste Connections Poker Tournament

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Collaborative Audiology

We want your child to LOVE wearing their hearing technology, because they are confident in what they are hearing and connected to their environment. The first step is to ensure their technology is programmed appropriately.

All EARS! believes it is important for your child to have routine, ear specific, aided, and unaided assessment every 3 months. This is the best way to ensure your child’s hearing technology is consistently programmed to provide access to soft speech.

By having this frequent audiology management, your child’s SLP and teacher are confident in what your child is hearing and can dive deeper into any difficulties like speech perception issue, vocabulary issue, or a language structure issue.

This improves therapy and learning tremendously.

Parents and caregivers know their children better than anyone else. As a parent of a child who is Deaf or Hard of Hearing, it is imperative that you be in a collaborative partnership with your audiologist.

Experiencing collaborative audiology firsthand has been a GAME CHANGER for real time clinical decisions! We would love to hear your experiences. If you are willing, please share on social media and tag us.


This month’s IPSY with Dr. Megan

Ask questions! Make sure you have a clear understanding of your child’s audiologic plan of care.

  • Learn pediatric audiological terminology, protocols, and assessment measures. These can be found on the American Speech Language Hearing Association website.
  • Know your child’s hearing equipment (basic troubleshooting) and report any issues/concerns to your audiologist.
  • Understand where your child is functioning on the audiogram. This requires ear specific, aided, unaided and speech evaluations.
  • Request hard copies of your child’s report/audiogram after every appointment.