All Ears! Students and family at summer camp

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!

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A Message from Lee Rech, Executive Director, LSL Parent

We can’t wait to see our LSL students back on campus next week. Our clinic has been a hive of activity with each of you over the summer and we’re excited to get our classes underway.

We know quality and timely pediatric audiology is the power of a gold standard LSL program, so we’re proud to begin offering collaborative audiology/LSL AVT services within the next few months. I’m equally excited to share that our board of directors has approved plans for school expansion to accommodate our growth, including through kindergarten. We’re doing everything we can to avoid delays in enrollment due to space limitations in our current location. It’s well known that time is of the essence when children with hearing loss are learning to Hear and Be Heard!

If you’d like to hear more, I’m All Ears!, so lets talk!
Lee Rech

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Get ready for the dog days of summer.

From the classroom…
by Rosie Hirschfeld, M.S., LSL Education Coordinator, Lead Teacher

We’re back and ready for students to return to the building! We are excited to see everyone at our annual parent workshop on September 1, 2022, 8:15 am. Transitioning from summer to school schedule can be tricky. These tips help both parents and students ease back to their routines!

  • Bedtime: Late evenings and movie nights are summertime favorites. To prepare for early morning wakeups, start settling down 10-15 minutes earlier each night until you return to your normal bedtime routine. Try to limit blue light to 2 hours before bed!
  • Optimize Listening Equipment-Clean and Check HA/CIs for cracks/tears: Summer is full of water play and sweat. Moisture in equipment can cause decreased hearing levels and intermittent sound. Check batteries and throw away any used or expired batteries.
  • Appointments (well visits, audiology, dentist etc.) Minimize missed class time by scheduling necessary appointments now! Try to schedule appointments before or after school hours throughout the year.
  • Making and reading an experience book together is a great way to ease anxiety and fears of starting school. Use last year’s pictures to discuss going back to school. Talk about fun things you remember and what you look forward to doing this year. Teachers, friends, activities etc.
  • Longer days require nutritious lunch and snacks. Make a shopping list with your child. Go to the grocery store together to pick out nutritious snacks and lunch foods. Pack things you know your child will eat the first week of school and encourage your child to help you pack them!


From the accounting desk…


In 2021/2022 our generous donors helped 27 All Ears! families by rewarding $79,960 in financial assistance.



From the clinic….
by Allison Haggerty, M.S., CCC-SLP, LSLS Cert. AVT Director of Speech/LSL Intervention

“Arriving Ready”

Back to school season has us all in “checklist mode” so we have everything ready to go for the new school year. As parents, you know it’s important for your child to arrive at school ready to learn, and at your LSL AVT sessions, Ready to Listen.

This quick checklist will help you, your child, and your LSLS have a great session. Let’s Arrive Ready to Listen!

  • Think about the past week or week ahead, and jot down questions or updates you have.
  • Make sure your kiddo arrives wearing their working hearing technology. Parents of littles, we know sometimes taking tech off while in the car is totally necessary. Just make sure tech is back in place for therapy!
  • Conduct a daily listening check. Not sure how to do this? Ask your LSLS in your next session for a refresher!
  • Have a quick snack before your session. AVT is hard work and staying engaged and ready to listen for an hour may be easier if your kiddo isn’t hungry or distracted by food.
  • Look for Takeaways: While you’re engaging in therapy, think about what you will take from this session to implement at home


From Parental Support…

Happy First Day of School to All Ears! grads!

Congratulations to Sophia, Teddy and Kaysen on their first day of school!

They all transitioned from All Ears! and Project Immerse to their neighborhood schools.

We miss you but know you’ll have a great year!

Kim Palasota, Parent Facilitator

After finishing her time in the United States Air Force, Kimberly went on to complete her bachelor’s degree from the University of Houston. In November of 2019, Kimberly and her husband welcomed their first child, Jeremiah, who shortly after being born was diagnosed with a bilateral mild to moderate sensorineural hearing loss. Therefore, the mission at All Ears is near and dear to her heart. She looks forward to joining the team and passing on the knowledge she has learned throughout her journey to other families.

During her free time Kimberly enjoys spending time with family, cooking, and staying active.