Happy November!


Happy November!

As we enter this bustling time of year it’s easy to get overwhelmed and forget the importance of balance. By adding an evening IPSY session to accommodate our working parents’ schedules, we’re here to help! Connect with other families for support and resources. Please also join us at our Thanksgiving Feast for a stress free gathering with your children as they celebrate with their friends.

We’re THANKFUL to be part of the team as your children learn to Hear and Be Heard! My door is always open and I’m All Ears, so Let’s  Talk.

A Message from Lee Rech, Executive Director, LSL

From the classroom…

This month and the Thanksgiving Holiday provide perfect opportunities to model “please” and “thank you” as we talk about gratitude with our children. They will learn when it’s right to use polite speech as they hear and see you using it routinely. Talk daily with your child about gratitude and help them name the wonders in their lives: The beautiful sky and changing leaves, family, their yummy snacks. Encourage your child to try new foods over Thanksgiving and help them learn the new words for them. This practice not only promotes
expanded vocabulary, but also develops social-emotional growth! We hope you enjoy this month and wish all our students and families a Happy Thanksgiving! We are so grateful to be their teachers!

Please sign up on the Parent Portal to help make this year’s Feast special! THANK YOU!

From the clinic…

Technology and Attentive Behavior: Both are necessary for learning listening and spoken language. Once hearing aids or cochlear implants are properly fitted, your child has access to sound. Next, your child must be ready to listen and “attend” to the sound so he/she can listen and learn. To gain attentive behavior for babies and
toddlers, your LSL team member will follow your child’s lead and redirect attention by using rewards. As children get older, attentive behavior may be harder to achieve as expectations become more challenging.

We want your child’s progress to continue and not be limited by interfering behaviors, so at the start of each session, please help us get to work right away. This is when your child is most primed to learn, to follow directions and be focused on listening. These tried and true tips, will help:

1. Make sure technology is on and working.
2. Take a restroom break before the session.
3. Have a quick snack. Staying focused for an entire session can be hard work!
4. Encourage consistency in behavior management strategies during LSL work with your child at home, so expectations are the same during AVT sessions.

Work with your child’s AVT and audiologist to make the most of each session. Know what is expected of your child to reach his/her goals and practice those strategies as part of your LSL way of life. If you would like additional resources, please check these out:

· Love and Logic (www.loveandlogic.com)
· No Drama Discipline (by Daniel J. Siegel, M.D. and Tina Payne Bryson Ph.D.
· Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline (by Becky A. Bailey)

Upcoming Dates

Happy Birthday
Jeremiah P. 11/18
Gabe R. 11/30
Ms. Rosie 11/22
Dr. Marsh 11/23 November 1: Audiology
Available – Schedule today!
November 4: Lance Allred visit- guest reader
November 11: IPSY
Conroe ISD speaker –
Lunch served at 11 – help us help future
families by sharing your program seeking experiences. November 16: Kroger Field trip
November 18: Thanksgiving Feast
following noon dismissal
Sign up on the parent portal
November 29: Giving Tuesday We
have a matching grant so you can

From Audiology…

Priority registration will be given to current students, AVT clients, and All Ears! Alumni for audiology appointments. Please contact Kim, Office Administrator, at kim.erbele.allearscenter.org for information regarding scheduling and records retrieval.

From Parent Support…

Join us for IPSY

Learn to LSL Play Group – Birth to 3 years Mondays: 9:30-11 Owl Room

The Welcome Center is open and available to ALL!

The 8th Annual Clay Shoot was a Tremendous Success!